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Jason IssacsJason Issacs, Said:

Mark at Hampstead Mac is just my kind of geek: madly enthusiastic about figuring out what’s the matter with your gizmo and, also, how he can fix it in the fastest time using the least of your money possible! Not only does he know his stuff – about which he was happy to talk to this keen amateur as long as I was interested – but he walks the walk too. I can’t recommend his services enough. 

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“Thanks Jason and good luck with Star Trek Discovery. If it breaks down, give me a call :)”


Bill Oddie

Bill Oddie: co-writer and star of the TV show The Goodies and renowned Book writer, Said:

Here is a totally justified accolade. My problem is that I am utterly baffled by computers, whether they are working or not. My wife tends to accuse me of pilot error if I am having trouble and she is often right. However, not long ago I was receiving messages and displays I didn’t recognize and being pestered by unknown websites and it was obvious that my Mac was not at all well. A sound instinct sent me to Mark. I assumed that he might advise me to get a newer model. Instead, he spent the afternoon explaining the demons that attack Macs and I even understood some of them. I think that demonstrated how naff I was on the keyboard. I had expected to have to leave my Mac overnight pending a huge operation. Instead, I got to take it home with me. It was as I was leaving that he advised me to get a new model. My wife bought me one for my birthday. Mark was right. But I still don’t understand much.

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Darrell CurrieDarrell Currie – BT Sports presenterSaid:

Mark is an invaluable asset if you are having any Mac problems, I’ve utilized his skills on multiple occasions. His level of expertise is out-standing, but beyond that, he offers an extremely well-priced service. Mark goes the extra mile and  I can guarantee he will do all he can to assist you in the shortest possible time-frame. Do not hesitate to call him if you are having Mac issues. His advice has made me much more savvy with my computer, he doesn’t just fix your Mac problem he also improves your understanding of the system. A 1st class service all round.


Richard Gibson (Richard GibsonBest known as Herr Otto Flick in the BBC hit sitcom series, ‘Allo ‘Allo!.) Said:

I am a freelance journalist, and I rely heavily on my Mac. Like many others, I have been lucky and haven’t had a serious problem. However, one day I had a major disaster shortly before a deadline. Fortunately, I found Mark, who got me sorted out very quickly and went to a lot of extra trouble. His background in IT at a high level means that he knows Macs inside out. It is a relief to know that her is there, and lucky for me that he is local. A lifesaver – cannot recommend highly enough.

Mark said:

5-star experience with Hampstead Mac. Mark’s an expert and his friendly service is smooth and efficient from booking an appointment through to the ease of payment. Mark fixed my iMac within an hour and it was a pleasure to watch, learn and laugh as my iMac powered up again. If you’re in London, Hampstead Mac should be your first call if your Mac’s broken – Mark will do his best to fix it: ‘your Mac’s not vintage’!

Anke said:

Honest. Very knowledgeable and experienced. Going extra mile in every direction. Saved me thousands. My mid 2012 MacBook pro became very noisy, slow, clanky, battery was dead. New mac would cost me not less £3000. And I am still very uncomfortable with the “all on board” arrangement in the latest macbooks. I am C++ developer and I was considering to change the battery and to SSD hard drive myself as I had bad experiences with Dell repairs years ago. I am so happy I contacted Mark instead ! He explained to me that SSD drive would not work with my model. I decided to trust him but I need my laptop back quickly and I work full time. He sent Uncle Derek to pick it up about 11 am and about 4 pm Uncle Derek brought it back! Free of charge. Mark did not only change the battery and the hard drive to 1T hybrid but also did the full maintenance and adjusted the fans! He was like a kid in at a candy store , – just could not help himself i guess 🙂 🙂 :). My MacBook is like new, and flies with a speed of light. And it was unexpectedly cheap. Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you!

Dan said:

I don’t normally write reviews as it is very rare that I experience a perfect and truly professional service in life. For me, this is what Mark offers. He is just so refreshingly straight-up, honest, highly skilled and clever. He doesn’t over promise – he does over deliver. Apple Products are beautiful and expensive things – why wouldn’t you want them looked after, or nursed back to health, by him. As you can tell … I, like all the other delighted customers, cannot recommend highly enough.

Anke said:

When my MacBook Pro’s screen went green, and the laptop refused to respond to any resuscitation attempts on my part, I was well and truly worried sick. In spite of a recent backup, there were a couple of files that I desperately needed to complete and submit my tax return. In addition, I only had one working day left before travelling (not on holiday!).

Mark was only the third person I turned to for help. (The first were Apple, who tried to help but didn’t really; the second a Mac specialist in Soho who in a rude, couldn’t-care-less manner offered to put me on their waiting list for diagnostics.) Mark was the only one who came to the rescue, by offering me an appointment on the same day and solving my problem within 24 hours.

With his unique mix of brutal honesty and amazing helpfulness, Mark first identified exactly what was wrong with the laptop, how much it would cost to fix it and how little sense it made to go down this route.
He then managed to recover all the files I needed out of my damaged hard drive so that I was able to complete my tax return before I had to travel. He also gave me very useful advice on the best option for replacing the MacBook Pro.

As other reviewers have said, I can’t recommend Mark highly enough to anyone who needs the advice of a technical expert who also is a good person.

Oda said:

Why Mark is My Hero
by Oda
Mac: Blue-Screen-Black-Line-Hell.
Situation: Dire.
I had an issue with my Mac showing a blue screen with vertical black lines. I researched for hours, and tried everything I possibly could to make it work, but failed utterly. 
Apple gave me the standard ‘error-search and start-up-tests’ which I had already tried. They told me they ‘no longer repair vintage Macs’, but could book a consultation, for an undisclosed fee. 
After reading a f*ck-ton of reviews in a jungle of dodgy Mac-repair-people, I found Mark.
I have never met such a helpful, professional and service minded person my whole life. Efficient, thorough, and immensely knowledgeable. Most importantly, when he is consulting the issue, he is very honest about what options are available, and how to go about the situation.
I rang him up in panic and explained the matter. He consulted me about the issue over the phone and could say straight away that this was a Logic Board Error. This saved me a lot of time and money.
We talked it over, and he was very honest about the whole situation. Logic Boards are expensive and difficult to find, and there could be no guarantee that the procedure would be a success. 
I asked him about pricing and he could give me a price estimate there and then. As well as this, Mark advised me to take some time to deliberate my options. Due to his honest and open nature, I decided to trust his expertise. 
I quickly got an appointment and was allowed to watch the entire procedure. He taught me how to change the Logic Board myself, and how to fix other parts if problems should arise.
We decided to wipe my hard drive as well for a fresh start, and whilst that took longer than first planned, he sent me off for a really good, free coffee at Gail’s bakery (best coffee mocha I ever had), until the process was complete.
Upon my return, I found the machine to be in perfect working order, with a new Logic Board, and my backup contained on the hard drive. 
I got my money’s worth and so much more. I will definitely recommend him to everyone.
Thank you ever so much, Mark.
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Oda, Sound Designer at Pure Audio Ninja

Yvonne said:

Apart from being an authentically experienced Mac expert (he looked after university Macs for many years), I found Mark to be both incredibly direct and kind. He really does understand the helpless distress you feel when a machine (in my case an iMac) that you greatly rely upon goes dead … or goes wrong/gets broken in other scary ways. For many of us, a desktop Mac functions as an office, work site, and memory bank! Therefore it’s much more important than Ipads and similar lifestyle accessories. They are lovely, but supplementary.
One crucial thing I HAD done was to back up my data (I used a Passport Edge for Mac that I bought from the net and found very easy to use). Once he knew that, he calmly advised me to stop obsessing/worrying (emotionally smart advice) and to bring everything along at the first appointment available which was after the weekend. That simple, human response transformed my mood, and so the weekend was fine.
When I turned up for my set appointment at his workplace, he was able to check out my machine, quickly figure out what had happened, work out the practical options, and suggest a constructive alternative. Also there was his lovely uncle, and between them they were witty, good natured, honestly realistic, and at the same times so very willing to help. Consequently, within just a few days, a reliable replacement was sourced at a very reasonable price (I am writing on it now).
It’s clear to me that Mark has an inherent gift as well as endless enthusiasm for working with the engineering of Macs. That’s unusual in itself. But more than that, he is very intuitive about people’s emotional RELATIONSHIP with their Macs, and therefore has the capacity to be calming, constructive, and just simply, kind. After I’d got over my initial sense of upset and loss, I was able to think very clearly about the realistic options — and it was Mark’s kindness that enabled that to happen. On his website, he asks people to just be be nice. I cannot agree more strongly. Yes, do be nice (and also, remember to back up your data!). It all helps. Meanwhile, thank you Mark (and your lovely uncle). Mac problem solved in the friendliest way possible.

Natalie said:

Hampstead Mac Repairs provides excellent service and goes the extra mile!
I discovered Hampstead Mac Repairs through a google search and following a phone conversation with Mark I entrusted him with diagnosing and later repairing my MacBook Pro. Mark provides efficient, effective and quality work which will leave you with no regrets! His service fees are well worth every cent! My experience with Mark: He is not your typical businessman who will push you into making a rash decision – he provides quality advice, honest perspective and he leaves you to deliberate. And because I couldn’t send my MacBook to his office, his employee Derek met me at a location to my convenience! So if your Mac needs repairs CALL Mark —you will be met with a smile, generosity and stellar service!

Carmen said:

When I approached Mark I was very concerned about my computer (i.e. how long it would take to repair it, how much it would cost) but Mark has been very professional and kind, dealing with my queries as well as my computer scrupulously. I am very happy about Hampstead Mac Repairs service and I would definitely recommend them to anybody. Thanks, Mark!

Fernando said:
Great service and very professional. Very friendly approach from Mark. I definitely recommend it.

Natasha said:
I used Hampstead Mac to replace my screen after it was badly cracked and I could not have received better service. Not only was it a great price, Mark replaced the screen within 1 hour which was ideal as I had lots to do and also gave me tips and advice on how to keep my mac running smoothly. I would highly recommend his services. If I have anymore problems in the future, I will certainly be going back there. On Google…

Tonia said:
Found Mark via Google when I was desperate having had white wine knocked onto my keyboard rending my MacBook Pro completely dead. Mark managed to bring it back to life with cleaning and replacing parts, backlight etc, even ordering a new keyboard from the States as mine’s a US version. He spent a lot of time and effort and also managed to recover and restore all of my data which was over 3000 items!! I cannot thank Mark enough for saving my MacBook as it’s my lifeline!! If I had gone direct to Apple it probably would have cost me 3 times as much. I found Mark really friendly, informative, knowledgable and happy to go the extra mile – in my case the extra few miles. I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you!!

Jude said:
Mark replaced my macbook air screen very efficiently and it’s perfect. Super professional job, very friendly and considerably cheaper than any of the other places I considered.

Lindsay said:
Great, while you wait service. Beyond that he removed all my malware and repaired all the small things that were wrong with my computer for free. Cant recommend this service enough. Thanks Mark!

Simon said:
Awesome. Having driven over my MacBook Air in a transit van, I was fairly certain I would have to buy a new one. Thank goodness I found Mark’s website: the next day he had it fixed it in less than 1/2 hour. Phenomenal service, utterly professional and clearly an absolute expert. I wont be visiting an Apple store again. Thanks Mark!

Mark said:
5-star experience with Hampstead Mac. Mark’s an expert and his friendly service is smooth and efficient from booking an appointment through to the ease of payment. Mark fixed my iMac within an hour and it was a pleasure to watch, learn and laugh as my iMac powered up again. If you’re in London, Hampstead Mac should be your first call if your Mac’s broken – Mark will do his best to fix it: ‘your Mac’s not vintage‘!

Mark is my new (and only) MAC guru!! He dealt with my MacBook pro problems–bust battery, bust tracker pad, slow startup and functioning–with efficiency and ease explaining everything he was doing as he was doing it in a simple, articulate and comprehensive manner. He was patient, knowledgeable and brilliant. I particularly liked his straightforward no BS manner about what he could and couldn’t touch on my computer (i.e. didn’t want to mess with my files but could help me clean things up and explained what I could implement to make my computer less unwieldy and speedier). I don’t hesitate to recommend him for all your MAC problems. You will be in good hands. He also responded really quickly to an email inquiry I sent so he is clearly on top of things. For many of us, our computer contains our lives, our jobs, our memories. You want to make sure that whoever is working on it is trustworthy and reliable. Mark is your guy!

David said:
Always a pleasure to visit Mark. You won’t find many people as enthusiastic about their jobs and as such he has a wealth of knowledge. Very friendly and professional service, will bend over backwards to make sure you get a fantastic level of customer service.

Yoni said:
Very impressed by how quick and easy it was with Mark. Got an appointment and problem was fixed within 45 mins of me calling, and at a very reasonable price. Would have taken weeks with Apple and at 4 times the price. Explained to me exactly what the problem was and how he was fixing it. Would recommend highly!

Alexander said:
Sent email midnight, callback at 9 in the morning, in by 10:30 and finished by 10:45. On the phone he was to point and after explaining my problem he already listed potential options and that I should come in. So for 15 minutes he repaired my laptop and explained to me what he was doing, enjoyed it and actually learnt something! I highly recommend, in fact im recommending it from the laptop he fixed will definitely be going back to him if I have any future issues! Plus, price was very fair, much less than what I was being quoted from the retailer.

Rebekah said:
Mark is definitely a life saver! After I dropped my macbook pro weeks ago (when Mark changed the screen for me), my computer have been shutting itself down randomly. I need this computer for uni exams coming soon so I was desperate. I have tried to contact Apple support for possible outcomes before I turned to Mark again. And of course Apple support had been helpless.. I spent 2 days talking to them online, and after several resets and restores, computer still shuts itself down. I contacted Mark after Apple told me the earliest appointment was in a week. It took Mark several hours to find out it was the SSD failing, due to the recent drop incident. After changing the SSD, the computer runs fine till now (fingers cross nothing else happens). ——- I would definitely recommend Mark as he knows Mac inside out, AND he is responsible and actually cares about all his clients! Many many thanks!

Chris said:
Mark is great guy and a genius. Macbook suffered a liquid spill and Apple quoted up to £800! Unconvinced, took to another independent ‘specialist’ who said it couldn’t be fixed and advised to sell the macbook for parts. I gave Mark a call on the off-chance, and he assured me he could fix it or it wouldn’t cost me. True enough, Mark resolved the issue at a fraction of the price and with great customer service to boot! Highly recommended.

Alex said:
Mark has given me swift, friendly and professional service on all occasions i have been to see him, providing me with insightful detail in rapid time frames of the problem i face, what the fix is, and then in delivering the result. I recommend Mark highly and without hesitation for a problem you may be facing with your mac should you have one!

Ka Yee:
I found Mark on Google a day after my cat spilled half a glass of water on my 2013 Macbook Air. I was going to make an appointment at one of Apple’s genius bars but thought I’d give Mark a go as he’s local and got great reviews. That and the fact that the earliest I could see someone at Apple was the week after and I didn’t want to wait that long. I got through to Mark straightaway and booked an appointment for the next day. A few months ago the trackpad on my laptop stopped working and I went to an authorised Apple repair centre who charged me something like £90 for a ‘diagnostic’ but weren’t even able to find out what was wrong?!!!!! I had to basically tell them to change the trackpad but I felt like I’d paid them £90 for nothing, not to mention the fact that it took them 1-2 weeks to get back to me with their so-called ‘diagnosis’. Anyway, back to Mark… At our appointment the next day he struck me as refreshingly down-to-earth, friendly and someone who really knew his stuff!! While I was there he opened up my laptop to show me where the water residue was etc and gave me a rough idea of what might need to be done. It was a Thursday and he said he’d get back to me by Monday with a quote. The next day (Friday) I got a call from him with the good news that he’d be able to fix my laptop (new keyboard, new battery, repairs to the logic board…), and for significantly less money than expected. Yay!! It was ready for pickup the next day so the turnaround was just TWO DAYS!!!! I just picked up my repaired laptop and am typing this review on it now. Needless to say, I would 100% recommend Mark to anyone in need of Mac repairs. Oh, and I got a free cup of coffee at the local café too, courtesy to Mark!

Rebekah said:
Hampstead Mac is awesome!
I had a broken screen on my 15″ Macbook pro. I emailed Mark in the morning and has everything fixed by noon! Mark is professional and friendly as well. I paid half of the price I would pay at Apple store and waited no time. The overall experience was so smooth, I will definitely recommend Hampstead Mac to others.

Blanka said:
I can’t recommend Hampstead Mac highly enough! The problem was sorted with a great great customer service and professionalism. Mark is trustworthy, honest, quick, efficient and definitely a master at his craft. I feel very lucky to have come across such an excellent guy. Fantastic service. I would definitely use him again.

Camilla said:
Came late in the evening to repair my Mac Screen, really professional and patient with all the “idon’tknowanythingaboutcomputers” questions that I had, done in 2 days, honest and cheaper than any other I could find. 10/10 would recommend!

Rick said:
I took my Mac and the problem and been solved and fixed within the hour. Excellent service would highly recommend a very friendly and informative service. Even got a free coffee from the local cafe whilst i waited, great stuff!

Frank said:
Mark has saved me hundreds of pounds! My MacBooPro had seen better days, it was a mess. I was just about to fork out for a new one before I spoke to Mark and he assured me repair and recycle was the way to go so I thought I would give him go. Boy, I am glad I did. Not only did Mark replace the lid, which was all I was expecting, he went out of his way to bring my machine back to life in other areas which he didn’t have to do. Not only that, Mark educates you on how to prolong the life of your hardware so you aren’t wasting money on new kit when simple fixes or upgrades are all that’s needed. He also paid for a nice coffee in a lovely Belsize Park cafe around the corner while I waited for the repairs. In and out in about 25mins with revitalised Macbook Pro. None of the other Mac repair shops I called came close on price or service!! USE HIM!

Louise said:
Mark was so helpful and informative, there’s so much conflicting information about updating a mac but Mark knows exactly what to do and won’t over charge you for the privilege. Go and see him if you need anything Mac related!!

Clare said:
A brilliant service – sadly my Macbook air was water-damaged beyond repair but Mark tried everything to get it to work. I’d highly recommend him – extremely knowledgeable and a nice bloke.

Manuel said:
Mark responded literally seconds after I my enquire. I got an appointment for the next day and got my computer fixed in less than half an hour. It is assuring to see him sort the problem in front of you during an appointment. He is a friendly and honest man, fond of working the little details. Very much recommended.

Lilly said:
Mark offers a wonderful service! Friendly, trustworthy, professional and quick, screen replaced within the hour. Also very fairly priced would 100% recommend and will definitely use Mark for all my future repairs!

Anthony said:
I Another satisfied customer 😉 Very simple process – spoke on the phone to describe my problem – a cracked screen. Told me he had the part in stock – a refurbed Retina screen – took 40 mins to do whilst I waited. Paid with PayPal and I was on my way. Half the price and a world of difference for the time of my local Apple Authorised Repair centre said they would take – 5 days without my laptop – just not an option. Definitely can recommend Mark.

Derek said:
Absolute gentleman. Easiest person I have ever met .. Nothing is a problem .. Genius comes to mind lives, eats,sleeps , Macs. Keeps to his word .. Lovely

Tracy said:
I feel very lucky to have come across this genius Mark! Not only did he fix my laptop screen at a brilliant price. But he literally did the job in minutes! He sent me off to have a coffee and by the time got back it was all sorted. I would definitely highly recommend Hampstead Mac repairs to everyone!! Thanks Mark

Dr Rahel Mahmud:
Thank you very much Mark for completely revitalising my Macbook Pro. My Macbook pro was completely hopeless, wouldn’t connect to the internet, drive filled with things I didn’t even know existed and battery blown which had pushed up the touchpad. We had a long consultation with him…For the price of just changing the battery, which is guaranteed for a whole year, he fixed the touchpad as well and we went back the next day after I had backed up my laptop, he reset and insulated all the new software. My Laptop now worked better and faster than when I first got it 4 years ago. My fiancé was ready to chuck my macbook pro away, insisting that it was destined for the bin. Clinging on to my machine I took it to Mark and he truly did work his magic. Now she describes Mark as the “Fairy God Mother” of all Macs – and I agree, the service and help you would get form him is something that you would never be able to get from Apple’s Genius bar. I recommend paying him a visit every 1-2 years to have your machine cleaned up and restored. Thank you Mark, if not for your help, I would have spent £1000 on a new laptop. I recommend him without any hesitation. Dr Rahel Mahmud

Angie said:
I took my broken iMac to Mark when it failed to switch on. I found him to be extremely helpful, professional and trustworthy, and I would gladly recommend him to anyone who needs any repairs or advice. Thanks Mark!

Dipul said:
Very impressed. Having to depart with my precious laptop and dreading the potential cost for repair. Mark was very good in explaining the options and building trust. I handed over my laptop and then the very same day I got a phone call telling me the laptop is fixed and as good as new. 🙂 over the moon. The cost of repair was better than I was expecting. I cant see Apple providing this level of service.

Jason said:
Great Service from Mark, yet again! Sorted out my MacBook Pro with an updated Hard drive on a Sunday evening. You don’t & won’t find anything better! Thanks again Mark.

Phil B said:
Mark did a great job in repairing my iMac and he was a pleasure to deal with. He explained everything to me and was completely open and up-front with his price estimate. It came in bang on budget and within just a few days (even allowing for delivery of parts). Mark also helped me with a couple of other issues (no charge) and I shall not hesitate to contact him again! Thank you Mark.

Phil G said:
I first had the pleasure of meeting Mark back in October 2015 after I had attempted a hard drive replacement on my iMac and botched it. Unfortunately I damaged the logic board when reassembling the machine and went online to seek advice and quotes. It seemed to be a common problem and had a couple of (very) expensive solutions. After finding Mark online and reading his reviews I got in touch explaining the situation. He said he could attempt to solder on a new part (which he ordered for me free of charge) but couldn’t promise that it would work. Unfortunately I had done more damage than was initially thought and Mark was unable to fix my logic board. He was true to his policy and didn’t charge me a penny. He advised that I needed a new logic board and would happily fit it for me should I be able to locate one. He also suggested I could sell the machine for spares (it was 6 years old and in good nick). We parted ways but kept in touch via email whenever I found a potential logic board online (they’re pretty hard to come by). I had since bought a new iMac but wanted the old one fixed so I could give it to my parents. A week or so ago I found one of these elusive logic boards on eBay for a good price and made the seller a offer which they accepted. I informed Mark who told me to drop the machine off to take a look. He even offered to buy the logic board off me for the price I paid if it turned out to be incompatible. He said the job was tricky and would typically take 3+ hours but he would only charge me 2 hours labour. I dropped the machine off and he took a look at the logic board and seemed confident it would work. Later on that evening he called to say he’d successfully fitted it and also installed a new hard drive. It took him a few hours but true to his word he only charged me for 2 hours work. To get this work done elsewhere would have cost me hundreds of pounds, more than the machine was worth, if I had sent it directly to Apple then even more. With hindsight I wish I’d found Mark back when my hard drive had failed and before I attempted to fit a new drive myself. It would have saved me a few quid in the long run. Mark is thoroughly professional and honest. I had a good feeling about the guy from my first conversation with him on the phone and when I met him in person I knew my machine was in safe hands. I’ll definitely be seeking Marks expertise in the future.

Alex said:
After coming off my bike, my Macbook Pro ended up battered and submerged in a puddle. Apple support said water damage “voided the warranty” and said they would not attempt to recover any data. Mark not only managed to salvage all the data, but also managed to repair it. He even re-sprayed the scratched case so it looks like new. Brilliant.

Michael said:
Absolutely fantastic service! My Macbook Pro had a completely blank screen, tried all the advice online, didn’t work, so I took it to the Apple store, though helpful, they couldn’t do anything for over a week. Anyway, it was urgent, and I Found Hampstead Mac online, I sent an email and Mark replied immediately! I told him the score and he advised to bring the Macbook straight round, which I did, he said he would check it over and tell me the price to fix, if I wasnt happy I could take the Macbook back and pay nothing, no obligation! very professional and very friendly, not to mention knowledgeable! Later that day he called me to tell me the problem and the price it would be if I wanted fixed, I agreed to the repair and he had it ready for me the next day! very happy. Since then I have been back a couple of time to get extra RAM installed etc, a lovely guy and very helpful. Great to have found him.

Kate said:
Mark is my 999 for any Mac issues. He is extremely competent and professional and has helped me out on numerous occasions. I am so happy to have found him and would not hesitate to recommend him highly.

Charles said:
When the AppleStore looked at my daughter’s MacBook Pro, they said that as coffee had been spilt over the keyboard, it would cost between £350-£400 plus VAT to fix it. Mark replaced the keyboard and tidied up or two other matters in under an hour, for which he charged me a quarter of the AppleStore quote. He’s always completely straightforward and down to earth. A pleasure to deal with. Keep his number safe!

Deirdre said:
I dialed Mark in the blind panic that follows a traumatic laptop injury based on so many positive review on Google. He was so calm and can-do it was almost hard to believe, and he followed through on his promise to diagnose my problem but only charge if he was going to fix it. In my case, there was so much spilled milk in my computer any repair was rendered useless, but upon hearing the bad news I didn’t have the vague, suspicious feeling that accompanies most computer and car transactions. Mark spend a few hours working on my computer free, and a few more hours helping me figure out the best replacement and how to upgrade the internet service in my house. He works incredibly hard, is fast and responsive, and I hope everyone has as good an experience with a worst-case-scenario as I. Mark is a rare find in a generally customer-service challenged industry. Amen him.

Philip said:
Mark did a great job in repairing my iMac and he was a pleasure to deal with. He explained everything to me and was completely open and up-front with his price estimate. It came in bang on budget and within just a few days (even allowing for delivery of parts). Mark also helped me with a couple of other issues (no charge) and I shall not hesitate to contact him again! Thank you Mark.

Joe said:
I contacted Mark with a view to save my 2009 iMac for my teenage son. I found Mark to be extremely clear and highly efficient during the consultation, suggesting ways to recondition the mac in the most cost effective way. The service was swift and informative, resulting in a smooth, fast, reconditioned up to date operating system being installed. My son and I are delighted with the results and I will return to use Mark’s services again when needed. I would highly recommend you contacting HampsteadMac with any issues you may have. It was a pleasure to meet you Mark – Thank you for your expertise and humour.

Jackie said:
Really good advice and fantastic service. If you have a problem with your mac, look no further. I’m very happy to recommend Mark wholeheartedly. We had an old Macbook pro that had slowed down to the point where we were considering throwing it out and getting a new one. Being reluctant to buy a new one if the old one could be fixed, we happened on Mark’s website and gave him a call. He gave straightforward advice over the phone and we took the machine to him for an assessment. He provided an accurate and realistic prognosis of what we could expect and offered a very fair price for the work. I’ve just picked it up and it’s working smoothly again. It now has adequate RAM and storage and has been cleaned of gunk and grime.
Thank you so much for giving our computer a new lease of life and doing the noble thing!

Mark said:
Randomly found Mark through google he attended quickly and dealt withe the issue
rescued information, repaired the iMac as quickly as possible with continuous updates of status forepaw and progress. Couldn’t be happier with his service and professional knowledge.

Tony said:
I have been using Mark’s services for years and know him to be fair, knowledgeable, good humoured and honest. In fact, the perfect supplier. And he is good value too.

James said:
Very impressed with mark and his quick response time. very quick diagnostic and turn around. Will definitely be back if I have any more issues. Highly recommended.

Damian said:
First rate service. Above and beyond in terms of repair work and efficiency. Total transparency and even did a few things more than was agreed. Would be very happy to recommend Hampstead Mac!

Felix said:
That’s What I Call Customer Service!! My wife had an 8 year old Macbook which was very sluggish across the board. I contacted Mark who was extremely helpful and knowledgeable with his advice and time. In the end we decided to go for a refurbed Macbook. Mark took a lot of time to improve the old Macbook so we could give it to our children and then went beyond the call of expected service with preparing the new one. Lots of tips, hints, modifications and the like which he needn’t have done and we would not have been any wiser, all of which took up his valuable time.
It’s such a joy to have a high speed Macbook again. Endless minutes of waiting for things to load are now in the past! I would thoroughly recommend Mark as the go-to person for all things Apple and Macs. Thanks again Mark and I have already recommended you to my family!

Phil said:
Great service. When my 6 year old iMac’s internal hard drive finally kicked the bucket I decided to save some money and attempted to replace the hard drive myself. I was almost successful until right at the final hurdle when disaster struck and I broke the LCD’s logic board connector whilst putting the awkward thing back together. I did my research on this issue and found two fixes – entire logic board replacement or soldering on a new connection port on the logic board. After several large quotes from Apple repair companies across London I discovered Mark online and got in touch explaining my situation. I had a good feeling about the guy from the off, very professional and honest as well as being a fellow midlander. He ordered the replacement part for my and I dropped my machine off to a couple of days later. We discussed what he was going to do with my iMac and he made it perfectly clear it may not be successful due to the severity of the damage. After meeting him in person I was even more reassured that my pride and joy was in safe hands. He kept me in the loop via text and phone call while he was carrying out the fix but unfortunately I had caused more damage to my logic board than originally thought so it was irreparable. He advised me due to the age of the machine buying a brand new logic board wouldn’t be worth the investment. I only wish I had found this guy before I attempted my original hard drive replacement, it would have saved me a lot of stress and time!! Excellent service.

Simon said:
Mark worked tirelessly on my liquid (wine!) damaged mac. He rescued all my data which would otherwise have been lost. I was very slightly unsure whether he was the right person to go to at first because he didn’t have a shop front etc but he was pure gold. He made so much more effort than the franchised mac store my colleague went to when he also damaged his. Mark is personable and knowledgeable and persistent, the real deal!

Anne said:
Mark helped me to sort out my problem in 2 minutes on the telephone and was able to suggest ways to improve my internet connection. He is the first computer expert I have spoken to who explains things simply and clearly. Very reassuring when you feel out of your depth. We shall definitely be using his services again.

Kate said:
I had terrible internet connection and several people had tried to fix it for me. Mark sorted the problem completely in under two hours so that I now have immediate and unfailing internet access. Mark clearly understands the Macs inside out. He is also friendly, reliable and honest. It is such a relief to have found someone so experienced and bale to help me with my computer issues.

Joseph said:
I had a cracked screen on my Mac and the DVD drive was broken (I dropped it!). I took it to Mark to replace the glass and DVD drive. In the process he informed me he accidentally did further damage to the screen LCD so he had to replace the entire screen (not just the glass) and gave me a better resolution screen as a result at no extra charge. Both repairs were done to a high standard and my Mac is as good as new! Mark is very helpful and personable offering further advice above and beyond to improve my Mac performance. I will be recommending him to anyone who needs a Mac repair in the future. Thanks again Mark!

Margaret said:
Mark, MANY thanks for all your invaluable help in removing the hard drive from my Mac and trying to retrieve the data lost when it suffered a catastrophic failure the other day.  A**** for thinking outside the box!  We very much appreciate your efforts, including couriering it to and from Hammersmith for further investigation. You provide an excellent service, reasonably priced service and it’s great to know that someone of your calibre is available locally for such personalised Mac service.  We cannot thank you enough for your help.  Best wishes, Margaret

Mike said:
Mark is the man, he sorts me out locally in Hampstead and also when I’m outside the UK Via remote access. Don’t hesitate to call him for advice and help.

Carlotta said:
Mark saved my Mac. I had poured a cup of boiling tea on it for mistake and needed help asap, and he literally saved my machine! He was quicker than the apple store in explaining me how to avoid further damage to my computer and gave instant aid. Hero of my Day!

Dr Van Cooten said:
I have just had a fantastic experience and am very grateful to Mark who has repaired my MacBook. The screen was damaged and I took it to Apple in Bromley who looked at it and said there was also fluid in the base and quoted £800 to repair. I was given Marks contact info and he looked at it, repaired it and brought it back to Forest Hill all in 1 day. (and for less then half the price quoted by Apple). Mark you’re a legend and I’m going to tell everyone who has an Apple about you. Thanks.

Pam said:
Mark did a repair for me this week and took great care and skill throughout whilst showing me exactly what he was doing so I learnt a lot as well! He is friendly, professional and reliable and goes the extra mile to help, which is much appreciated and is way above the kind of service that is generally available.

Dr Chris Ford said:
We live in a 3 storey house and were having endless problems with our home network and Apple TV, which nobody could seem to fix even after we had bought a number of boosting devices. So as a last resort I asked if anyone could help on Streetlife. By return Mark offered to come and look so I rang and he came round today – the next day supposedly to do a site visit. Mark has just left after an hour and a half WITH ALL PROBLEMS completely SOLVED!!! And what a delightful time we have had – Mark is very good at what he does and shares that knowledge in a friendly, helpful and assuring way. We have also learnt so much – so much so I have booked a lesson for Monday to learn more. Mark is going to be my Mac support from now on – thank you.

Gabriel said:
I was a colleague of Mark’s in his previous post as Mac support technician at an academic institution. not only is Mark an extremely knowledgeable and professional expert on Mac software and hardware (and a very pleasant person to work with to boot), but he was also very generous with his time. Most of all, Mark distinguished himself by never making a meal of something that was a quick fix: he’d pop around right away if he knew something was a five minute job, rather than wasting time, and he’d obviously never overcharge or make something look bigger than it is. I’ve always been extremely happy with his work, and would trust him with my personal computer setup and backups as well.

Johnny said:
I took my daughter’s Macbook to Mark for repair, which proved to be beyond economic repair and so bought a refurbished MacBook Pro from Mark. It is in very good nick, the price was very reasonable and Mark is ever ready to provide back up support. Having spent 25 years using Microsoft – I had to – I am delighted with the changeover and the great, reliable, quick support Mark provides.

Dr Brodie said:
Mark has been a life- saver. He was recommended by word of mouth . My MacBook had a vase of flowers emptied in to it …knocked over by 2 new kittens ….. Resus measures failed.. Unfortunately it was pronounced life extinct at 11.00 on 20/06/14 RIP. Mark has speedily retrieved all the data from dead laptop, advised on the selection of a suitable replacement , set up the new machine with excellent advice on screening out unwanted advertising , made an assessment of my software needs….and saved a lot of unnecessary expenditure . I am extremely busy and do not have time to do this stuff .. I tried several other ways of solving the problem but all would have involved more time and effort. I have limited interest in knowing the ins and outs of IT .. I just need to be able to function and Mark has been timely , reliable and professional . I have booked 4 lessons to improve my use of a rather smart bit of kit. I am posting this as I really think service like this is hard to find and deserves recognition.

Simon said:
Mark worked tirelessly on my liquid (wine!) damaged mac. He rescued all my data which would otherwise have been lost. I was very slightly unsure whether he was the right person to go to at first because he didn’t have a shop front etc but he was pure gold. He made so much more effort than the franchised mac store my colleague went to when he also damaged his. Mark is personable and knowledgeable and persistent, the real deal!