Diagnostics are NOT free, please read this before you call us: Diagnostics Charges…

Hampstead Mac Repairs

Hampstead Mac Repairs

Hampstead Mac Repairs reserves the right to refuse to help anyone without having to give a reason. We are not here for people to vent their frustrations on.

We are really good at what we do, we know it, and we make no bones about charging premium prices for you to gain access to our years of knowledge.

After spending over a decade as a Mac Repair Engineer at King’s College London, Mark the founded Hampstead Mac Repairs with one single goal in mind, to create an upfront, transparent and all around easier experience when you need a Mac Repair or Mac Repairs.

We will absolutely never try, or ever want to be the cheapest. We’re simply not interested in what the place down the road is charging, we don’t care, cheap Mac Repairs are like cheap shoes – Rubbish!

We’re in business to make money and if you’re reading this, you want your Mac repaired. So it’s good for both of us.

We extended to you a sincere invitation for “You” to ask us for our help. We don’t help everyone and that’s by design. The customer is NOT always right!

We have loads of amazing reviews and some not so amazing, we can’t please everyone and have no intention of trying, that would just be false and that’s just not our bag.

Hampstead Mac Repairs philosophy, is to always repair before replace, if possible, it saves you money and more importantly, our planet.

Oh and by the way, If some numpty at the Apple Store has told you that your Mac is a vintage Mac, or you can’t get parts for it anymore, it’s probably NOT and you probably CAN. They’re just trying to flog you a new one! Read this…

We only repair most broken or malfunctioning Mac Hardware.

If you ask “What’s you best price” or for discount – We will NOT help you.
We do NOT do software support, backup services, data transfers or data recovery.
If you don’t have a copy of your data “when” your Mac fails, you’re an idiot.
We do NOT repair chargers, iPhone, iPods, iPads or “I” anything.
We will NOT sell you any parts without fitting them.
We will NOT honour any warranty on any parts and or labour over 90 days.
We are NOT a certified Apple dealer and absolutely NEVER will be.