Mac Data Recovery

Data Recovery From Your Mac


Data Recovery is usually asked for because your hard drive has failed and you don’t have a current backup of your stuff.

If that’s you, then what a Plonker you are.

Not all hard drives can actually have data recovered from them, it depends on what has caused the drive to fail and how you have been using your Mac.

If we are able to recover your Data, we charge a flat rate fee of £480, and you pay £65, if we are not able to recover any data.

If you are not able to provide an external hard drive for us to recover your data to, we will a new one for you at an additional cost of £85.

We will not reinstate your recovered data to another Mac.

I just said, not all data can be recovered and we only attempt on certain Macs and not all. And, we only want to help nice people. If you’re pissed of and get pissy on the phone, we’ll tell you to bugger off.

To ask us to help you get out of the mess you’ve got yourself in. Call 020 3287 7338 during our opening hours.