iMac Power Failure

When an iMac suffers power failure problems, symptoms can vary


One of the most common problems with iMacs is a failing or failed power unit.

We’ve had many clients call in to say that they’ve been told that their iMac can’t be repaired or that it’s something more serious, when most often it really isn’t that big-a-deal.

If you’ve found that your iMac powers off on its own, won’t come on at all, only comes on when it feels like it – The chances are you have an iMac power unit failure.

Replacing the power unit takes a bit of time, especially on the new thin iMacs, so don’t expect a fast turn around, you should allow at least two or three days and of course always make sure you have a full system backup.

Get in touch with us and arrange a drop-off appointment. You will need to talk with us on the phone to do this, so just call one of the numbers above. You can email us if you want, but the chances are we’ll just reply asking you to call us anyway.

As far as cost goes, we really will need to see your iMac before we can give you a price.