Broken MacBook Screens

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A lot of MacBooks, especially MacBooks from 2017 onwards are experiencing display issues and this is most often caused by a flex gate failure. The YouTube video from iFixit explains this.

Or perhaps, you have a broken MacBook screen.


It Doesn’t Need To Cost A Small Fortune Or Take A Long Time To Sort Out.

It’s amazing how many people have called in saying Apple has quoted them almost as much as a new Mac to fix and ten to fourteen days to do the job.

In most cases, that’s just rubbish…

Broken Or Not Working MacBook Screen.

This has to be one of the most frustrating things to happen and it usually happens when you really don’t need the hassle the most.

A Hertford Mac Repairs, you are in charge of the cost of the screen and where it’s bought from. Don’t worry, we help you with all that and you save money.