MacBook Repairs

MacBook Repairs don’t have to be as daunting as you might think

MacBook Repair


If some banana at Apple have told you that you have a Vintage Mac and it can’t be repairs, they’re probably wrong and we probable can.

as a matter of fact, the new MacBooks are less repairable that the older ones, the bottom line is Apple don’t want you to repair your MacBook, they just want you to chuck it away and buy another one from them.

Your MacBook won’t start, maybe you’ve broken the screen, spilt something on it, you’ve dropped it or the kids dropped something on it… Whatever it is, you’ve searched Google and you’ve found this page.

MacBook repairs are impossible to diagnose or tell you how much it’s going to cost in an email.

It’s always best to call us if you can. We are going to need to see your MacBook and to do that you will have to make an appointment to bing it in to us.

Don’t worry, it’s not like making an appointment with Apple, just give us a call on on the number above, we’ll have a quick chat about what’s happen or happening with your MacBook and we’ll make sure we get to see you ASAP.


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