MacBook Keyboard Replacement

A none functioning MacBook keyboard can be caused by many things


MacBook keyboard replacement is one of the most common MacBook repair jobs we do, most MacBooks will need to have it’s keyboard replaced at least once during it’s life.

MacBook keyboards usually¬†have another function as well as being the thing you type on, they also contain the “power on” mechanism, so a failing keyboard can cause a multitude of problems including not being able to turn your MacBook on.

The main reason you’d need a MacBook keyboard replacement is simply life. But, spilling something on it will also cause it to fail as well as damaging other components. If you have spilt something on your MacBook, you will almost certainly have other damage and you should read this link straight away.

MacBook Keyboards take a bit of a beating, we hammer away on them and even take out our frustrations on them by hitting them even harder when something isn’t working the way we want it to, when it’s probably not the poor keyboards fault and that just causes even more damage.

So if you’ve been giving your keyboard a bit of a hard time and now it’s not working – shame, poor keyboard!

They get bits of food behind them, dried skin and all sorts of gooey yakkie stuff that stops them from working.

Replacing your MacBook keyboard is a task we do all the time. It’s a pretty time consuming job because when Apple build MacBooks the first thing they put into the base unit is the keyboard, and then everything else goes in on top of that, so we have to take it all out again to get at it. Don’t worry, we’ve done stacks of them.

You might need your MacBook keyboard replacing for some reason¬†other that what we’ve mentioned here. It doesn’t really matter, just get in touch with us for a chat about it.

Having a MacBook keyboard replacement will also give your MacBook a facelift, and the feeling of typing will feel nice and new and smooth again.