Without prejudice

Do you have this MacBook?

MacBook 12″ Retina Repairs

If you have an A1534 MacBook 12″ Retina

The one you can get in different colours


We do NOT work on them because we don’t like them – Please Don’t Call Us…


Easy, because Apple is doing their very best to get you to buy a new machine instead of repairing the one you have and making it virtually impossible for people like us to repair these.

A common fault with this model is the spacebar key stops working and it’s hours of labour to replace the keyboard and the part costs a bomb and screens we just can’t get.

Shame on you Apple, for having such an appalling re-cycle policy and shame on you for going out of your way to put small businesses like us out of business.

If you do have one, we wish you all the best of luck and honestly advise you not to buy another one.