MacBook Battery Replacement

Don’t buy cheap batteries, they’re rubbish!

Cheap Batteries destroy Macbooks, so because we wouldn’t want to do that to you, we only fit expensive MacBook batteries.

If it’s cheap you’re looking for, go back to Google, otherwise, keep reading.

Right, now that’s out of the way, how do you know you need your MacBook Battery replacing?

It might be that your MacBook is coming to the end of it’s life, and below is a good way to find out.

However, if is something else that’s happened, call us and make a diagnostics appointment.

MacBook batteries are made to last for about 1000 charge cycles. They can manage more sometimes, but you’ll usually start noticing a difference at around 700 cycles.

So before we go any further, check your count and here’s how to find it.

Check you MacBook Battery count:

  • Click on the Apple logo at the top left corner of your screen.
  • Click on About this Mac.
  • Click on System report.
  • Look down the left side and click on power.
  • On the right have a look at the cycle count on the right.

About this Mac

MacBook Battery Replacement

If your battery count is 800 or higher you should contact us straight away.

Having said all this, you may very well find that your MacBook Battery isn’t charging even though you have a low cycle count, this is almost certainly because something else is wrong and again you should get in touch with us to arrange a booking in appointment.

Some are easy to replace and some are difficult because Apple glue them in on some models and we have to take the base unit apart to get them out.

For a price on a MacBook Replacement Battery for your MacBook, give us a call. We will need the model type number which is on the underside of your MacBook. It will start with the letter “A” – Something like A1502.