Mac Repair Prices?


“Give me a ball park, roughly how much will it be, in your experience how much will it be…”

We will not do any of these, we WILL however, give you an exact price once we’ve completed our diagnostics and we will never price on your, or someone else’s diagnostics

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We get it though, you want to have some idea of how much you’re going to have to fork out to get your Mac fixed and how long it’s going to take. But, it’s impossible to tell you how much it’s going to cost to repair your Mac until we’ve physically seen your Mac.

Get in touch, Calling is always best, the numbers are at the top of this page and arrange a drop off diagnostics appointment, we’ll have a chat with you about what’s going on with your Mac when you get here.

Then, when we’ve run our “own” diagnostics, we’ll call you and have a chat over the phone with you about what needs doing to repair your Mac, how much it’s going to cost you exactly, as well as how long it’s likely to take to complete your Mac repair.

We even offer a 20% discount off the quoted price if you pay by Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.