Mac Repair Diagnostics

Mac repair diagnostics and fees at Hampstead Mac


Before we get into it, we want to point out that we never take a diagnostic from a client over the phone or in an email that they’ve been given by someone else, especially if it’s from some not so “genius” at an Apple Store!

Our diagnostics fee is £75, which you get back when we complete your Mac repair.

You pay £75.00 when you drop off your Mac for the diagnostics at your pre-arranged appointment.

If you authorize us to do the work for you at the price we quote you on the phone once we’ve completed our diagnostics, we will deduct the whole of the £75.00 you paid off your final bill when you collect your Mac and pay.

Should you decide not to go ahead with the repair, the full £75.00 diagnostics fee you paid, remains our £75.00 and is not refundable.

We may also ask you to pay your Mac diagnostics fee when you make your appointment booking.

Having said all that, if the fault is obvious when you come for your appointment and we are able to give you a price there and then, we obviously won’t charge you the diagnostics fee at all.

Why do we charge you this?

Well, it ‘s a minimal fee to cover some of the time that it will take to correctly diagnose the faults on your Mac, running a rubbish piece of diagnostics software will never do the job correctly, and it’s to stop “some” people from using us to get a free diagnosis at our expense. It’s hard to believe that anyone would actually do that, but there are some devious people out there that just take the mik and think we should work for nothing! Crazy…