Mac Software Support

Hampstead Mac Repairs, repairs and fixes  or malfunctioning Mac hardware

We do NOT offer software support


Why? Easy: I am Mark the owner of Hampstead Mac Repairs and I hate doing it.

If your Mac is running slow, you did it with all your crud and if you’re having a problem with some software or another, Google it…

“Can you recommend someone that can help” NO! Why? Again easy, I know lots of people that can help but nobody that wants to help, we all learned ourselves, so you have to do the same, and if I gave you one of my mates numbers and you called them for  Mac software support, they’d be pissed off with me because they hate doing it too.

“My Mac has died and I don’t have a back up” – Hmmmm – How stupid are you then!

“Can you recover my data” NO, but if you are prepared to pay a massive amount of money then perhaps, prices start at a thousand pounds. Why: Easy again, if you’re so stupid not to have a copy of your important stuff, you deserve to pay a lot of money. It’s also extremely time consuming and again – I HATE DOING IT! But, I will if you’re happy to throw money at it.

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