iMac Repairs

iMac Repairs


We’ll do our best to help you and we’ll give you advice that we think is the best for you.

That means, if we think that the cost of repairing your iMac is more than it’s worth you spending your money on, we’ll advise you not to spend your money.

iMacs, like any other computer can and do go wrong for lots of reasons, sometime something fails and sometimes, just like any other computer, they just slow down.

iMac faults can range from it just getting slower to them turning themselves off and not coming back on again and usually when you need it the least.

The good news is, iMacs are often pretty easy to diagnose, repair and upgrade compared to MacBooks simply because there’re bigger, although not necessarily easier to get into.

Some customers bring their iMacs to us because they think they’re not getting the most out of their iMac and want to upgrade some parts like their hard-drives or memory.

Perhaps you’re thinking about putting in a bigger hard drive, an SSD drive, fusion or hybrid drive (a much better and cost effective option for and iMac), or maybe you want to upgrade your memory.

We’ve had a lot of success with hybrid drives and memory maxout solutions which offer great speedup solutions without costing too much.

Find out how much memory (RAM) your iMac will take buy using our serial number decoder here

It’s petty unlikely that we’ll be able to tell you exactly what the problem is with your iMac over the phone or tell you how much it’s going to cost you, so be prepared to make a booking-in-appointment.