Mac Repair Diagnostics Fees


Diagnostics Fee is £98 and is refundable “if” we repair your Mac…


Diagnostics fees are refunded if we repair your Mac, we will deduct it from your final bill – If we don’t repair your Mac, the diagnostics fee is 100% NOT refundable.


Unbelievably, some people actually call us wanting us to diagnose the fault with their Mac and not want to pay, perhaps they go to work for nothing? or even worse, have every intention of sucking from our two decades of experience and then going somewhere else. We’re sure of course, that that’s not you.

If we do the work for you, we’ll knock the fee off your final bill anyway.

So, to those people whose intentions are idiotic, we say, don’t waste our time, we don’t want your business, go back to GoogleHere’s a link for you, click it…

Correct diagnostic takes time, in fact anything from an hour to about three or four working days, the diagnostics fee is the same.

Now, to make a diagnostic drop off appointment, just call us (don’t email or text) the number at the top of every page on this website, or to find out more about our appointments system, click here…

We may ask you to pay when you make your appointment over the phone or we may ask you to pay when you come for your appointment.


Mac Repair Diagnostics Fees, as well as all advertised terms, conditions, prices, location and fees, may change without any prior notice whatsoever.