iMac Hard Drive Replacement

An iMac hard drive replacement can make a massive difference to your iMac

But which iMac hard drive replacement is best for you?


There’s a whole load of hype and confusion about which iMac hard drive replacement you should do and prices can get stupidly high, you could almost buy a new iMac by the time you’ve finished.

There are basically three options:

  1. Replace your iMac hard drive with exactly the same as the one you have now or perhaps the same but a bigger capacity. This is the cheapest method and you’d only need to do this if you’re running out of storage space or if your iMac hard drive is failing or failed.
  2. Upgrade to a hybrid hard drive. This is about the best value for money. A hybrid drive, or a “fusion” drive (sometime same thing) is a standard hard drive with SSD storage on it which normally houses the operating system along with frequently used files. OS X 10.11 and above are very good at handling this.
  3. A full SSD upgrade. There’s a lot to write about this and your iMac might not be the right machine to run one. Give us a call and we’ll have a chat with you about it. Please don’t email us, it will take too long, the phone numbers and hours are above.

For our money, we recommend a Hybrid iMac hard drive replacement. It’s give you a lot of extra space, more speed.

Pricing: Prices vary depending on which iMac you have and this is because some iMacs take longer to work on and need more parts to do your iMac hard drive replacement and of course the drives themselves vary in price.

We like to have a chat with you on the phone before giving you a quote and we never give a quote in an email until we’ve chatted with you. So call us.