After 30 days, it’s ours

If you leave your Mac or anything else with us for more than 30 day, you lose it, irrespective as to wether you have paid or not

You will not be getting your Mac back from us and you will NOT be getting a refund either

This is NOT a storage facility that you can use willy nilly…


You wouldn’t believe it, but people actually leave there stuff here, expecting it to be stored and then expecting to pick it up months later.

We are not a storage unit.

After 30 day, it WILL be scrapped. we do not want your junk.

If your Mac has been repaired and you have paid for that repair, and still not arranged to collect your Mac, it will be donated to a local school for children that can’t afford a Mac.

If you call up at anytime after then expecting it to still be here, you will have to go to Kentish Town recycle centre for it, where it will probably be in a cube. If by any chance it’s still here, you will have to pay charge will be £20 per day storage to get it back.

I the rare case that your machine is still here after two months and it is returned to you. Your 90 day repair warranty will no longer be valid.

Don’t moan that you didn’t know, the form you signed when your dropped you Mac off had it on it in bold type and it’s all over this website.

You will not be contacted either, we’re not here to call all the lazy people that take the piss.