Hampstead Mac Ltd specialises in repairing damaged or faulty hardware on Apple Mac computers. We do no not offer software support, data-recovery, backups, or any other software or data service. We do offer hardware repairs, to customers who are over 18 years and resident in the United Kingdom, subject to our right to refuse to do business with any person without giving a reason (though of course we will never refuse to business on grounds of illegal discrimination). We offer hardware repairs to customers only for their own computers and we not work with intermediaries or accept sub-contracted work. By using our services you represent and promise that the equipment you have passed to us to work is yours and that no third party has an interest in it (except where otherwise agreed in writing). We also offer a collection and delivery service in London Travelcard zones 1 to 4 for laptops but not for larger machines, although subject to availability and chargeable at £20 for each trip. 



Backups are the responsibility of the customer, and in particular, it is part of our agreement with you as a customer or potential customer that before letting us work on or examine your computer, you represent and promise that you have backed up all and any data and software which it would cause you loss or inconvenience to lose. Any liability we may have for breach of contract or negligence or otherwise is limited to liability to damage or loss to the hardware we work on, and does not extend to software or data. 


Hampstead Mac Ltd is not an authorised Apple dealer or reseller

Hampstead Mac Ltd is not an authorised Apple service dealer or reseller and has no association with Apple Inc in any way whatsoever. When we supply or fit parts there is no implication that they are official Apple parts.


Printed T&Cs

When you pass a computer to us for repair, we ask you to sign our terms and conditions. We have done our best to make them clear and fair, and we encourage you to download a copy here. The wording of the T&Cs which you sign takes precedence over this or anything else you find on the website.

That downloadable document covers the terms of our guarantee. The key points are that our work, and any parts or computers we supply, are guaranteed for three months except where otherwise agreed. Where a problem arises, you need to give us an opportunity to diagnose the problem.

Where a problem arises after we have worked on a computer which is different than the original problem but which the customer asserts ‘must be’ or is probably caused by our work, often there is no real connection. If it is a software problem, because we do not work on software, a connection between our work and the fresh problem is unlikely. For example, should we install a new hard drive and then you develop a graphics problem, clearly there is no connection and as such, we will treat as a new chargeable diagnosis and job.

Hampstead Mac Ltd offers a 90 day warranty only on all work and parts unless stated in otherwise in writing.



Hampstead Mac Ltd operates an appointment system. Appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice.

We are working at capacity and do not have enough time to offer an appointment to everyone who asks for one. If you miss an appointment without giving us 24 hours notice, that is an appointment we could have offered to another customer, and we lose money. Since appointments often last no more than 15 minutes, we define missing an appointment as being more than 20 minutes late, whether or not the appointment is rescheduled. Before making an appointment, please understand that if you miss an appointment for any reason, without any implication of blame, we will invoice you for £90 as liquidated damages for the cost to our business, and expect that invoice to be paid. We respect your time, and if we fail to keep an appointment by not seeing you within 20 minutes of the agreed time, you may invoice us for £90. 



All telephone calls are recorded and blocked or no called ID numbers are automatically rejected by or telephone system. 



Our Technicians will not browse through your hard drive looking at your data; however, they may inadvertently see data during the course of their work. Please remove any personal or private files and data you do not want others to see. Please also remove any data which it may constitute a breach of data protection law or rules if it is seen or accessed by persons not authorised to see or access it.


To Be Clear

Prices, locations, admission, opening times, availability and all terms and conditions may change without prior notice.

Hampstead Mac Ltd is NOT an authorised Apple service dealer, certified by Apple Inc or reseller and has no association with Apple Inc in any way whatsoever. It never has done and never will. When we supply or fit parts there is absolutely NO implication that they are “official Apple” parts. How may of the parts in your Mac do you think Apple actually make anyway?

Any and all equipment including all computers and or computer peripherals left with us for three months (90 days) or more will be scrapped and disposed of without proir notice. We are not a storage facility. You’ll find them in Kentish Town recycling centre.



All agreements made by Hampstead Mac Ltd are made under English law and subjected to the jurisdiction of the English Courts in London.